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Innovative and pragmatic platform

Solid Online is an innovative platform with pragmatic and adjustable modules that seamlessly connect to its environment. We have a flexible interface to import and export data which can also effortlessly sort, enrich, check, validate and if necessary transform your data. All of this you can arrange yourself. This way you can connect data from all your sources. Furthermore, Solid Online enables to execute additional processes if that is not possible within your own system.

Our modules offer a reliable and strong platform that allows a consistent realization of your solution.

After going through the process cycle in Solid Online we transport the data back to your own system. Or we can transport data back to your clients, suppliers, or partners. As a result, you can integrate your external environment into your own process.

Solid Online uses the latest technologies. We can implement the modules without making any major investments. With a scalability of 5 to 500.000 users it is possible to lay a solid foundation for any company.

Solid Online is the missing link to connect all your different systems.

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