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Our new technical consultant Kavitha Krishnan about her fascination for IT.

We would like to introduce our new technical consultant, Kavitha Krishnan. Originally from India, now living and working in Sweden. She has 14 years of experience in IT, among others as a product owner at Volvo.

At Solid she will analyze client business needs and support the implementation process of the software. “Currently, I am being trained by my new co-workers and I am learning how the applications work. This way, I can hopefully soon formulate the best solution per customer. The collaboration has been going well so far. My onboarding process went smooth, my co-workers are very welcoming, friendly, and helpful.”

Kavitha has her own podcast series about quantum physics. Quantum physics show that under certain circumstances, matter behaves like waves of energy that are interconnected, independently of time and space. Quantum physics could be described as the interface between science and spirituality. “It is a challenge for me to examine the limitations of the mind. Perhaps, soon I can teleport myself from Sweden to the Netherlands or India,” she jokes. At Solid we prefer to transport data through the cloud for now 🙂

With the experience and knowledge that she has gained during successful project implementations, she aims to make a positive contribution to Solid. “The most facsinating about IT to me is turning abstract ideas into workable reality. One of my most recent interests is the shift from Agile to Scaled Agile (SAFe), which is more oriented on larger companies. I pay attention to the current trends within the digital world and based on this I continue to develop myself.”

We are excited to welcome Kavitha as our new colleague!

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