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Booking.com is the world leader in online reservations for accommodations. Every day more than 900.000 rooms are booked through Booking.com. The offer of Booking.com consists of nearly 800.000 active properties in 221 regions around the world. With 170 offices in over 60 countries it is no surprise that Booking.com has a large flow of information and finances.

The workflow of the complex financial process behind Booking.com we have tuned in Solid Online. Through tasks, information is collected from a variety of stakeholders worldwide. This may include answers to predefined questions or to upload an export from another system. All this information is automatically processed in an old and familiar Excel sheet by Solid Online. This Excel sheet can be downloaded and customized via the sandbox, through the check- out / check-in mechanism, so that all information can be validated. After approval via our smartphone application, the document will be converted to a format which will be read into SAP. To make the data even more transparent, a number of reports are developed, and also the Pivot analysis tool is used.


ADO Den Haag Vrouwen

Since the season of 2007/2008, ADO Den Haag has played in the women’s league called the Eredivisie Vrouwen. In 2012, ADO Den Haag women’s soccer foundation was established to provide a better perspective for the future for women’s soccer in the region of The Hague ( Haaglanden). In 2014-2015, ADO Den Haag women’s soccer foundation started a second team: Jong ADO Den Haag.

ADO Den Haag needed to automate a number of processes within the club. Solid Online had previously offered them a solution: the Solid Online Sport ERP. This begins with the complete administration of teams and players (linked to Sportlink of KNVB), the planning and communication of tournaments, leagues and training. The starting line-up, goals, assists, substitutes and yellow/red cards are tracked through a mobile app called Live Score, which can be automatically shared via social media. This information, which automatically generated, will be placed on the statistics page of the website so no manual actions need to be taken!


Arend Regeer

Head coach
ADO Den Haag Vrouwen

“Solid Online allows members of the board, technical staff, volunteers, parents, etc. to communicate easily to each other. Everything about training activities, events, league games, locations and statistics can easily be kept up-to-date and can automatically be communicated to parents, players, coaches, and social media!”

OSP catering

Since 2001 OSP has built a reputation as a quality caterer with striking and surprising ideas. OSP does not necessarily want to be the biggest, but it wants to be the best and greenest caterer in the Netherlands.

Solid Online is used by OSP because of its flexible, convertible platform. They use the planningstool for registering availability and making requests for employees. Requests can be sent internally or to temp agencies. Hours registration is also done in Solid Online. This can be done by copying the planning but it is also an option to import hours from an external file or through an interface to a different system. After the hour registration there is a possibility to automatically apply the concerned collective agreement rules (CAO). Also, cash register information is automatically imported. Solid Online has built a process for manually counting the cash registers and managing the safe. Lastly, OSP uses Solid Online to scan invoices, automatic bookkeeping in the correct administration and the automatic linking of financial data based on the scanned bank account number.


Ard van ‘t Zelfde

Functional administrator ICT at OSP catering

“The strength of Solid Online lies in their flexibility and creativity during the development and implementation phase of customized solutions, and the commitment to always find the right solution”



Living and working comfortably – Feenstra ensures that. They make your surroundings more comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient. For advice on boilers, ventilation, insulation, home security and solar panels, Feenstra is the right place

Feenstra has been working with the Solid Consolidation software for many years now. This allows them generate financial reports in a quick and reliable way.


USG People

Every day over 100.000 flex workers work through USG People at different companies and institutions in Europe, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. USG People is part of Recruit, one of the largest HR services in the world, known for brands such as Start People, Unique and Indeed.com.

The Shared Service Center of USG People NL uses ConnectYourFlex for the robotisation of time processing and invoicing. USG People offers its clients and flex workers their own portals in which hour processing and invoicing are facilitated, but often customers already have their own systems. To link to these, ConnectYourFlex has been developed based on the SETU HR-XML standard. Currently, over 10,000 digital invoices from customers’ systems are automatically processed via ConnectYourFlex every week. These are followed by the processing of salaries and invoice files in the back office systems of USG People, after which ConnectYourFlex provides the digital invoicing to the customers. USG People is able to implement new customers without the intervention of programmers. With every new customer implementation, the efficiency of this form of robotisation is proven.

Both staff at the central administration, as well as consultants in the country, are released from repetitive administrative actions. This is accomplished by smart business rules that can be created in ConnectYourFlex. Payments and invoicing are handled faster, fewer errors are made, and costs are saved. As a result, customers and flex workers are better served, with higher satisfaction as the end result.


Erwin Haselbekke

Product Owner Billing & E-services USG People
“With ConnectYourFlex we organize our processes for digital time and expense claims in a flexible manner. Whether this involves XML timecards via a web service or a supplied Excel time sheet by mail, we can implement it quickly and effectively by ourselves. The digital wage processing is now a piece of cake. We have also taken major steps in the field of digital invoicing. We are now able to meet the wishes of our customers. This is because we can now dynamically deliver different forms of XML and PDF invoices. We are no longer depending on standards, but are flexible in our options in this area. In short, ultimate flexibility to the outside world but uniformed and standardized for our internal business processes!”

USG People Wagenpark

USG People beheert tevens hun wagenpark met Solid Online. Alle directe en indirecte medewerkers (vestigingmanagers, managers, intercedenten) staan in ons systeem. Wij hebben een workflow ontwikkeld voor de auto’s die zij gebruiken. De lease auto’s worden geregistreerd in ons systeem, deze koppelen wij vervolgens aan de medewerkers. Zo hebben zij (medewerkers of USG People?) inzicht wie in welke auto rijdt. Ook wordt het benodigde papierwerk in Solid Online vastgelegd, denk aan de leasecontracten.


In Person

In Person is an expert in the field of flexible labor. With over 200.000 temps they help clients to perform better and grow. They do this by using the right people at the right time and by being a business partner of their clients. In 2014 and 2015 they were among the Best Employers of the Netherlands (according to Effectory and Intermediair) and the best growers of the Netherlands (FD Gazellen and High Growth Awards).

Since March of 2017 In Person works together with Solid Online. In a short period of time we have implemented their clients into ConnectYourFlex so that diverse and complex files can be automatically imported from now on. Through a close collaboration we ensured that hour files can be imported, processed, and sent automatically without any manual enrichment. In addition, processing rejected data is easier because the assignments, HR-information and documents are available in ConnectYourFlex and are constantly being updated.


Nathalie Meester

Process manager In Person

“The possibilities within ConnectYourFlex ensure that we can digitally process, no matter the complexity of the file, within a short period of time. This saves time and ensures error-free processing. All of this contributes to our mission: Happy (temp) employees and customers. Solid Online is therefore the right supporting partner for us to digitize processes/realize linking. What is not possible has not yet been conceived”


The Royal Dutch Football Federation is very well known in the Netherlands, as the largest sports association with nearly 1.2 million members and over 500 employees. Whether you are young or old, male or female, boy or girl; everyone can enjoy football at their own level thanks to the KNVB. The KNVB manages the football industry, coordinates the national teams and organizes national leagues, cup tournaments and events. The KNVB also participates in social projects.

The number of girls playing football is increasing. At the KNVB much attention is paid to the rise of women’s football. Solid Online has built a database to keep track of talent development of girls at JPN (Youth Plan Netherlands), CTO (Centre for Elite sports and Education) and the national teams of the KNVB. In this database physical measurements, sports performances, club data, and schedules are displayed in a player’s card. Through smartphone, iPad or laptop players, trainers, coaches, parents, and medical staff receive an automatic message when information is missing or needs to be added. Because data runs smoothly through Solid Online it is more convenient for the KNVB to get the best out of their players!


Mirelle van Rijbroek

Talent ID,Talent
Development & Elite Performance(National Academy & National Youth teams)


“The quality of Solid Online is their enormous flexibility and commitment to create win-win situations together. In addition, it is extremely pleasant to work with them based on trust. Just like in sports, this is very important in order to be able to perform”.


Start People

Start People wants to contribute to a society where work supports the personal development of every participant in the labor market in a positive way, despite how he or she gives substance to work. In this society, Start People wants to implement flexibility in a responsible manner, combining searching for good employees with unburdening clients by taking over tasks.

Start People uses our planningstool to schedule temporary workers on location. For example, they have regulators for examinations which are scheduled through this tool.


Jeroen van den Born


“Because of its wide range of possibilities, Solid Online has a tailor-made planning system in which – in our complex and error sensitive planning process – all needs and wishes are met. This has led to a flawless planning process and bought us time for two days per planning week!”


Finished projects

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