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Solid Online comes with solutions where the well-known large software houses fail. Where their systems suffer from the law of the inhibiting lead, Solid Online has developed their own fully certified flexible ERP-system. With this system, Solid Online links data from different sources. Integrating and connecting, that’s what it’s about. This way, we have made many large and medium-sized companies state of the art. User friendliness, safety and stability are paramount.

Solid Online helps organizations to work more creative and smart and to provide the best possible service. We do this by streamlining data; we make clear what does not go well and how it can be done better. We make processes scalable and optimize them. This makes repetitive work superfluous and avoids unnecessary mistakes. This way, we enable organizations to become more effective and more efficient, we increase the capacity and we lay the foundation for growth.

A deal is a deal
We do what we promise. We do what we say and we say what we do. We will continue working until something is finished.


From our universal platform we provide, in consultation with you, solutions which closely fit to your business processes.

Cost saving

Since we have our own platform, we do not need to develop the basis for each customer again. In addition, Solid Online ensures that companies need less time for the same amount of work.

Own development center

We are proud of our developers in India, who have been working with us since 2002. Equally proud of our relationship with them and happy how they have grown with us in our culture of coaching leadership, continuous improvement and focus on performance. An additional advantage is the time difference through which Solid Online can serve companies more efficiently.

Customer friendly

In order to provide our customers with the best service, our Dutch team members are proactive, socially skilled and enthusiastic. They support each other unconditionally.

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