Near real time integration with the bank thanks to Invers

Solid Online has recently started working with Invers. Solid Online processes the complete administration for its customers. It is important that the customer’s accounting product is linked to the bank and that all bank transactions can be imported.

First, Invers arranges the permissions that customers must give to retrieve bank transactions. In July of 2019, Invers was one of the first in the Netherlands to get a PSD2 AISP license from the Nederlandsche Bank. This allows Invers – of course only after explicit permission from the account holder – to automatically retrieve account information from consumers and companies from banks. In addition to arranging permission, Invers’ software recognizes names and addresses, Chamber of Commerce and VAT numbers and divides transactions into different income and expenditure categories.

Furthermore, the bank transactions are processed in real time and the accounts and can be viewed within minutes.

Thanks to Invers, Solid Online now has a real time integration with the bank which makes bookkeeping and the matching process faster and completely automatic.

Also read the news article of Invers about this collaboration!

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